Our Mission

The goal of the Vista Farmers Market is NOT to create a place where you can buy food.  The goal is to create a place where, whenever possible, you can buy food from the person that grew, caught, made, collected or otherwise fostered its creation.  This is a very important distinction as the market strives to help farmers keep farming.  Food, (shipped from all over the world) is available at many places within the community – at least 150 places within ten miles of the Vista Farmers Market.  Only at the Vista Farmers Market (or other, farmer-oriented markets and stands) can you buy directly from the person that grew what you’re buying.

Talk to them and purchase local, fresh produce.  Bear in mind that local farmers, a vital part of our existence today because they produce the food we need to live and provide jobs within the community, are locked out of most other places to sell their products.  Because of that, farmers get first priority at the market – a market that was initially created to support local, sustainable farming.  We ALL need farmers. Shopping at the market provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and create a community with the very people who provide sustainable foods, products and services. Farmers and producers do the essential, basic work and often struggle to stay in business.

We carry this mission into helping foodMAKERS supply the community with foods they make as well.  Some markets feature only farmers, many allow non-foodmakers to participate.  We focus on farmers and food makers to you can meet the person who grew or made your food.

Farmers, year after year, have earned and deserve the support of the community.  The Vista Farmers Market has been successfully operating since 1981, suggesting that the market has earned your support as well.  Thank you for supporting the market, farmers, producers, and others who play an integral part in our community.  Together, we are ALL the Vista Farmers Market.