Participant and Vendor Information and Fees


We need answers to EACH of these questions- by email or paper.

You cannot fill out this application online … either print and bring to market OR copy and paste into an email              (please paste just the section where you answer the questions)
You must apply and be approved before space is made available.
If you have questions email to
Your Name

Business Name (if any)

Phone Numbers (with area code)

Email address


City Zip Code


What Items Do You Want to Sell or Display? ________________________________________

Do you grow or make all of these items?     yes      no

Do you have a current Certified Producer Certificate?   yes   no

Do you have a current County Health Permit?   yes     no

Are you a nonprofit?           YES               NO

PLEASE be very very very specific and d e t a i l e d without brand names

What other farmers markets or events do you participate in ? _______________________

WHO, by name will be selling for you, if approved? ___________________________

This person’s relationship to the business — ___________________________________

We assume you are not really interested if YOU do not answer each question . . . in detail.


Booth & Selling Info

Please, please, please — read this before asking any questions.
>>> before responding, if the answer is here, we will assume YOU will find it eventually!

> Space is limited. You must fill out an application to be considered. If you are approved you will be notified. Farmers are given preference, second are foodmakers. We like to receive interesting applications, especially with products we do not currently have (we try to avoid adding duplicate or similar items.) If we cannot provide space for you now we will save your information for the future.  We are not able to accommodate everyone.  Our review committee utilizes many criteria to decide on current participants.
The Vista market isn’t right for every product or vendor. You must apply and be approved (and may need required government-issued permits) before selling -this can take two weeks or years.

> Fees are collected at market. Fees can be paid by check or cash. Check payable to Vista Farmers Market or “TCM”.
> Participants must understand that the Market is providing space to display and sell their items, AND access to an existing group of people who shop the market each week. No guarantee is made regarding your sales. We recommend you visit the market before you decide to risk renting a space.

> Event hours are from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. We are open in any and all weather, our customers come in all weather. You cannot leave until after 12:10 – customers may stay longer, you may sell until 1:00 pm.

> If approved, you may set-up starting at 7:00 am, but not later than 7:45 am. Spaces are assigned by the manager at the market on market day. If you arrive BEFORE 7:15 am or earlier, there is space to drive up to unload your vehicle. You must be assigned a space before setting up. IF you are allowed to drive in to unload, you should unload only (not set up display), set up display AFTER moving vehicle.
> Business licenses are not required at the farmers market IF you report your gross sales to the market, as we then pay license fee based on that. All other licenses are up to you to obtain.

We have tents available for rent at a cost of $30 per day (in addition to your space fee.)
> We do NOT have any electricity. Any generator must be approved as part of app
There is NO trash service, you must provide a customer trash container, AND take trash with you at the end of the market.

Plastic Packaging 

Food packaging at the Vista Farmers Market — most plastic packaging has been eliminated.

Plastic NOT Allowed
Straws                       Cups – all               Plastic Bags              Styrofoam – all foam containers
Plates/Bowls             Utensils                 Plastic Wrap             Water Bottles
Beverage Bottles         Clamshells         Flower Sleeves                       Berry Baskets
No commercially-made beverages (not made by maker that is selling) including water can be in plastic  

Plastic CAN be offered ONLY if non-plastic options are equally available for only these items:
> Prepared/Pre-Packaged Foods
> Beverages (
sold by the maker) including juices,  

For these two categories you must meet ALL of these requirements:
1/ equally available as plastic,
2/ available through the entire market,
3/ displayed equally (signage, labeling, visibility),
4/ priced fairly (no excessive pricing.)
5/ each item must be offered in non-plastic.

Equally available means a customer must either ask for both OR can pick up both.

Many farmers and makers and vendors currently sell completely in glass or aluminum.  Many makers and farmers accept containers as returns.  Often getting a deposit for returns.  This is not required, but may save you money and does bring customers back to future markets.

No Type of Plastic is Allowed (as a plastic alternative).
This means any and all plastics.  No biodegradable, bio-plastic, compostable plastics are allowed.  NO plastic of any kind

Fees, Definitions, and Events

Vista Farmers Market (weekly) Farmers 8% with a minimum of $2.00
Food Vendors 8% with a minimum of $10
Crafters 8% with a minimum of $20

Jewelry Jamboree — This is a once-a-year event with many jewelry makers participating.

Second Saturday (monthly) 8% with minimum of $60 to $100 — see info below

If you are a nonprofit or an entertainer or any other sort of potential participant, fill out the application as best you can and send it in.

All categories are for a ten foot by ten foot space, that you fill with your equipment and materials.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Second Saturdays at the Vista Farmers Market
This MONTHLY event allows many businesses and other groups to participate that would otherwise not be allowed. Some participants who qualify for weekly admission choose to participate monthly at Second Saturday.

Limits — There are LIMITS on what can be sold in Second Saturday. Nothing is allowed that duplicates items from our weekly farmers, makers, and marketers, nor our annual events. Items that cannot be sold or promoted in Second Saturday include: > fresh produce            > juice
> hot food                > prepared food                        > jewelry*               > soap/personal care products            > pottery                         > plants

* = there are other events for these items
There are now two types of selling spaces in Second Saturday:
>Booths selling or offering products at SSaturday will now be charged 8% of gross sales or $60 whichever is higher. Product booths are selling physical items as their MAIN item(s).

>Booths for visibility, appointments, or order-taking, (now known as Services) pay $100 per event. This is because all or most sales are not happening at the market so a percentage is not possible. This category includes vendors such as solar, real estate, religious groups, insurance and similar . . . If your main purpose is gathering contacts, taking orders, or distributing information, we will place you in the Services category. If anything here isn’t completely clear, feel free to put in an application, we will be glad to clear up any issue.