Vista Farmers Market Newsletter 

goes out regularly/irregularly by email.

Vista Market bans plastic bags, plastic straws, and styrofoam/foam containers.


There is no reason to check with us, the market is open in all weather, and on every holiday.

Predicted Rain and the Vista Farmers Market
The Vista market is open in all weather. Truly.
We’ve been flooded by a broken pipe, we were still open.
We’ve gone through heavy rain, and big wind, still open.
We will be there, ready for you.

One smart way to check the rain is to check TWO things . . .
check the amount of rain predicted for the day (or the hour) and
check the likelihood of rain, the percentage.  But the market will be open regardless.

Often it is something like . . . 25% chance of 4/100s of an inch of rain for the whole day.